Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Writing All Wrong #IWSG | Stargate's #DriveToRevive

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So February was a pretty epic fail on the writing front. I'm proud of what I rewrote/edited for the 3-4 days I worked on Forged, but I should have done more. A combination of lack of energy and an obsession for all things Stargate and physics helped me to push Forged to the side. At the rate I'm going, Forged may come out this year. It may not. I need to get back into rewriting it, though. But I also kinda need to watch Stargate and read about hyperspace, parallel universes, antimatter, dark energy/matter, etc. And then I have this idea for a science fiction series that does involve an Einstein-Rosen bridge portal (like Stargate with a device to travel between planets but many differences too), but I keep telling it no. At least until The Fate Challenges are published.

I must admit I'm pretty insecure about my special interest taking over all else.

What are you insecure about?

IWSG Question: How do you celebrate when you achieve a writing goal/finish a story? See. I knew I was doing something wrong. I never celebrate when I achieve a writing goal or finish a story. Maybe if I did, it might help to get to that "the end." I also don't write "the end" on a finished draft either. I'm weird like that.

March's goal is pretty much February's goal as well as January's goal. Write 20,000 words in Forged. If I accomplish that, then I'll be up to 38,000 words rewritten/edited. *crosses fingers*

2018 Stats
17,708 words written
17,708 words edited
78,718 friends' words edited

March 8 is my 36 birthday. To celebrate, anyone who enters this month's giveaway will win a copy of one of my ebooks. Please one entry per person.

Attention all fans and potential fans of Stargate. We're trying to show our support to our favorite sci-fi series and perhaps get an additional series set in the Stargate universe.
To do so, there will be two tweet parties: one on March 9 (US) and one of March 10 (World).
Please stop by and tweet/retweet if you can. For more information, please visit Joe Mallozzi's blog also follow @StargateNow on Twitter.